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Why the heck would you use a broker?

Obviously they would have to cost more than the lowest price you could get from a carrier with their own trucks! Otherwise, they’d never stay in business, right? Granted, the reputation of many brokers has improved as they’ve realized the value of maintaining their reputation and the internet has made it easier than ever to check on people, but still – why bother? Just get your own trucks.

Well, maybe finding trucks isn’t your whole job description. Whether you’re driving a forklift, filling out export paperwork, or even doing inventory and working with salespeople – you may have a few other things on your plate.

Perhaps you’ve got some great trucks. Are you sure their rates are still as competitive as they once were? It’s a volatile industry these days and sorting out the surcharges can be a full time job.

Now, maybe you have freight that just goes all over. The local carriers that are soliciting you want some of it pretty badly, and their rates reflect that, but there will be some locations they’re not too crazy about, and believe me their rates will reflect that too. Well, there are trucks that want to go there.

You really need to use trucks that are at least reputable. They should have insurance, and it would be great if their authority was valid. Yeah – there’s some record keeping involved in this business.

If any of this sounds like stuff you don’t want to deal with I guess we have our answer. A broker is in the business of finding trucks. Trucks that want to go where you want to send them. And a good broker knows their carriers or obtains the paperwork to insure that your freight moves safely across the country. Maybe one office to call for your trucking needs is a good idea after all. Rooster Express has been in the broker business for 15 years. We maintain current files on the carriers we use. We understand that it is our business to move your freight and that means providing you with the information you need to be able to get on with your job. Whether it’s a proof of delivery, tracking your freight across the country, or handling a special one-time shipment – Rooster Express is ready and able to make you look good. It’s what it’s all about.