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Rooster Express was founded in 1992 with a pretty simple idea – many people who need to move freight also have other responsibilities. Whether they are maintaining an inventory, drowning in paperwork, or driving a forklift – their time is better spent somewhere besides on the phone trying to find and negotiate rates with reliable carriers.

We've made their business our business for over a decade. Rooster Express is the one phone call that frees up their time for other responsibilities. Our customers know what's going on with their freight at a level of communication that is dictated by their schedule, not ours. As time has gone by, we've found that some basic things never change. Customers appreciate communication, they appreciate effort, and they appreciate honesty.

Over the past dozen years we've managed to attain a great credit rating in the transportation industry. This has allowed us to develop a carrier base that spans 48 states and a wide variety of equipment. Our commitment to service means that we are available by phone 24 hours a day. Our office is open and staffed from about 6:00am until about 6:00pm CST. Nights and weekends we are available for emergencies and tracking should your shipment require it. We always answer the phone - you will never get voice mail.

Please take some time to wander around our web site and get to know us - then call us at 1-800-466-3755 and let us get to know you!


T I A – Transportation Intermediaries Association
I A C A C – International Air Cargo Association of Chicago
T C C – Traffic Club of Chicago
Wood Dale Chamber of Commerce

  Our Guarantee   

I will personally guarantee you that if you give us enough freight, something will eventually go wrong. It could be the first shipment, it could be the thousandth. We will always be honest, we will let you know at the earliest possible time, and we won't make the same mistake twice, but come on – it's trucking. Anyone who tells you different is either not being entirely honest or hasn't been in trucking for very long.

Barbara McCauley
Rooster Express, Inc.